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The Story Behind The Woman...

Jenn has always been drawn to the world around her in that “optical and visual" kinda way. Looking at the world with a true authenticity of; “Open Eyes & Open Heart.”


Jenn’s animated and often exciting journey began in the film and television industry behind the scenes as a make up artist but she soon moved out in front of the camera "taking a crack" at the acting world in a few small budget films. It was through these unique and unforgettable life experiences that Jenn found her true calling, passion and love for photography.


She learned that she much preferred being on the other side of the lens… capturing the spirit and essence of people’s lives and momentous events through her unique and photo-journalistic style. Her warm, witty and inviting spirit allows her to easily connect with her subjects, putting them almost instantly at ease allowing their “true-selves” to shine through in all her images – she promises there are no “painted on smiles” here!


Jenn is extremely skilled and insightful in her approach… waiting, watching, then quickly catching and documenting those treasured memories for eternity. She is much like a ninja on the sidelines… seizing those moments that tell the story of your special day. Her experience and charismatic style make her extremely competent with the job of moving people along in a timely but tactful way when required.  We have heard over and over from past clients that Jenn became like a member of the family and hugs were always exchanged at the end of the day.


Well, we look forward to hearing from you!  Happy planning!